Friday, July 4, 2014

1 Year Anniversary with Oiselle!

It was this time last year that I was sitting in the San Diego Airport on my way to Canada asking myself “Can it be true?”

The weekend prior I was in a kick ass bar meeting some of the most influencial ladies that I have met to date. I could not have imagine how much love, support and pure joy these ladies would bring to my life. 

Getting ready to board the plane in my fresh Oiselle duds, I kept thinking “Are they really going to sign a thrower? I know nothing about running other than I try to do as little of it as I can.”

Heading up to Canada my Twitter feed, Facebook page and Instagram blew up. Tweets of “Good Luck”, “Throw the rock”, “Thrower Love” came pouring in. I was shocked, not only by the social media love but they had not forgot about me.  

I competed in the Gray Shimmel in Vancouver and Victoria, proudly. A sponsor and myself had finally come together after 7 years of being a “professional” athlete and joined forces. 

Now this is where the waterworks begin. Passion and strength is what Oiselle and I share. Passion for this sport we love and strength because we are going to succeed no matter what. Oiselle came into my life when I needed support the most. From getting to meets, to the emotional support, to all the amazing clothes; that night at the bar made a HUGE impact on my journey to Rio. 

So as I sit here in the Denver Airport I have to stop and smile. I not only have my friends and family behind me but I have a flock of ladies that will only help me soar to new heights. 

Thank you ladies and cheers to the amazing times to come.  

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