Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Flying with the Flock

As you all have seen, I have taken a brief hiatus from the blog world. I really had no idea what to talk about but now I do:).

Over the last few days my cheeks have been a little sore from all the smiling that has been had. Why you ask?!?! I HAVE AN OFFICIAL SPONSOR!!! 

I have signed with an amazed clothing company, Oiselle (wa-selle)! They are based in Seattle and all their ladies apparel is made here in the good ole' US of A:). The other cool fact about this company , I'm their first thrower!! They mainly sponsor distance runners (anyone who runs over a lap) but they decided to broaden their horizons and add me to the Haute Volée (hote volay) team. 

I am beyond excited to be part of this amazing group and even happier to have more people in my "corner". I could go on and on with with my excitement and what is in store but then I wouldn't have anything to blog soooo check here to hear for the latest news with Oiselle, training and how life is treating me. 

Thank you fans for your continued support and all your positive vibes. 



Check out Oiselle at! 


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