Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Outdoors Season is Upon Us!!!! YAY!!! Road to London Continues...

The OTC- San Diego:)
Hello Blog-World! My fingers have been slacking lately but they are finally ready to update y’all on how training and life has been.

Everyday that I walk down the road to the hammer ring, I have to smile. I get to train in one of the most amazing places in the country, San Diego. I have a great group of throwing buddies that I get to train with everyday AnnDDddd my hammers are flying. I couldn't ask for more...well I take that back. After practicing for the last 7 months, I am ready to measure:)

After last year, I knew that I need to get comfortable with trusting myself in the ring. I have been throwing this rock for the last 12 years. I have improved on every technical element that coach has wanted me to work on and when I just calm down and let my body do the work, it does the work. With all these tools on the shed, I cannot wait to see what the season has in store.

The season starts for me this Sunday at the Oregon Preview. The forecast isn't looking to red hot but I just have to remember that, I am a DUCK with Tiger blood;)

Thank you to TD Design (my awesome cousins) for the screening:)
I must thank the ASTF for all the support they have given me this year. They are a group of track lovers that support elite track and field athlete perusing their dreams. I look forward to showing my thanks every meet with my new spiffy uniform (and no I am not sponsored by Under Armour just 
love their clothing).

Just like my hammer world, life has been going great...busy but great. I am still training in the morning and working in the afternoon/evening at the Embassy Suites in La Jolla. It seems like every weekend I'm either at a family birthday party, catching up with friends or just spending some time laying around.

Life is what you make of it and I am making my life as calm and happy as I can. I know that I will always have screwballs thrown my way but as long as I trust myself and be myself, nothing is going to stop me from achieving my dream.

Done with indoor and on to OUTDOORS!!!



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