Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Travel, travel and some more travel~

I will try to keep this post as short and sweet as I can, but I have a lots to tell you guys!

Photo by Graham Smith @ Mt. SAC
My hammer and I have finally come together as one.  :)

I started off the season with a toss of 70.78m at the Oregon Preview, my best opener ever, and I did it in the snow.

Next up was the Mt. SAC Relays, where I threw 70.18m and placed 4th to a great field of throwers.

Two weeks later I was back in Eugene for the Oregon Twilight meet, where I fell ill to either, food poisoning, or the 24 hour flu. Not sure which one, but I was not feeling it on meet day and mustered up a throw of 66.35m.

The Tucson Elite Classic was my last series of meets, and they went pretty well. Day one, I threw 68.54m. Day two, I threw 69.97m. Every meet I am getting closer and closer to hitting a big throw.

My next meet will be the Prefontaine Classic in Eugene, Oregon. I will be heading up to Eugene a few days early to see my coach, and get used to the cottonwood floating through the air. My allergies LOOOVVVEEE the cottonwood trees!

Looking from the Lincoln Memorial
WW2 Memorial
As if my meet schedule didn't keep me busy enough, I flew out to Mclean, Virgina for an event with Hilton Worldwide.

Part of the deal in participating in the  Team USA Career Program  is to appear at events that promote the Olympics.

While I was in Virgina, the Road to London Tour made a stop at the Hilton Worldwide Headquarters. I was pleased to meet a ton of Hilton Worldwide employees, and show off my hammer.

The next morning, before my flight took off, I made a quick trip to Washington DC to see the sights. I have to say, walking around DC made me feel very patriotic. I still get goosebumps when I think of the WW2 memorial and walking through Arlington National Cemetery. 

Other than flying around the country, life has been pretty routine; sleep, train, work and sleep some more.

I hope everyone had an amazing and safe Memorial Day weekend.


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