Wednesday, April 18, 2012

100 Days until the 2012 London Olympics!

WOW , I cannot believe that the Olympics are only 100 days away! That means that the Olympic Trials for the hammer throw is only 63 days away! Now, I know what your next question will be," Are you on the team?" Well, let me explain:

To make the Olympic Team in the hammer throw, there are 2 requirements that I must meet:

1. My hammer must fly over the 71.50 meter mark anytime from now until my last throw at the Olympic Trials.

2. I must place in the Top 3 at Hammer Time/Olympic Trials on June 21st.

Now, the next question I am sure you all ask, "The meets leading up unitl the Olympic Trials count for what?"

The reason I compete is because I love it. There is not much else in this world that bring a bigger smile to my face than seeing my hammer fly.

Competitions also give me a chance to throw the Olympic "A" Standard and build my confidence in the ring.

At the beginning of the competition season my body is not in full gear to throw far. I am still backing off heavy weights and heavy hammers and it takes a bit for my body to get used to being fast and explosive. This is also why I have a few meets before the big one.  :)

I hope this answers a few of your questions. If you have any more. please feel free to ask away:)



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  2. Of course...send a quick e-mail to mine and I will return yours.



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