Sunday, September 25, 2011

London Bound: Summer ending, training beginning!

Labor Day in Eugene, OR
My summer of rest and relaxation has come to an end.
I enjoyed my time off from the ring but my body said it is time to get back at it. This summer was amazing and had a great time with my family, playing at the beach, laying on the beach, making some money and most of all sleeping in.  :)

One of my summer goals was to do a giant on the parallel bar and guess what?!? I DID IT!!! It was not pretty, and yes, I went backwards, but I DID IT!   :)  Thanks to  Becky Holliday and Sean Furey for their coaching and shared excitement :)


My training is in full swing. I just finished up my first cycle and it has been quite a learning experience. My first week of training was spent in Eugene with my coach Lance Deal. I soaked up some much needed coaching and improved by leaps and bounds in the ring. These next few months will be filled with heavy hammers, heavy lifting in the weight room and the word "HEEL" on repeat in my head. 

My training plan for this year is going to be a little different than years past. First, I will be switching to a 2 week training cycle with a week of rest (4 training days instead of 6). Since my coach Dan Pfaff says that I am getting older, it means that I need more rest. I would usual take offense to the "old" word, but I do love my rest. I also had to add 3 cycles to my training plan. Jamie Myer, our resident strength coach at the center who has watched me lift since the day he arrived, has been kind enough to write me up 3 lifting cycles that should add some beef to my body! Going good so far, but my Bambi legs are still looking the same....

Hope everyone is have an awesome September! Happy Training:)



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