Thursday, June 16, 2011

Catch up and a training breakthrough!

Elephant Fountain outside the main pool at Mandalay Bay, trunks up mean good luck~
 First off I want to apologize for being absent the past few weeks. I left my computer battery charger in Arizona and I finally bought a new one. (I do have to tell ya, it felt pretty good not being totally connected to the outside world for a minute)

Since there is never a dull moment!  I will give you guys the cliff notes version:

  • Tucson Elite, two day meet in Tucson, AZ. Threw a seasons best of 69.64 (228.4 ft). Thanks again to Craig Carter for hosting an amazing meet.
  • Las Vegas promotional events with SHOOTmedia. It was my first time actually part taking in the “Vegas Experience”. I had an amazing time and met some amazing people.
  • Decompress. To finish off my tour of the Southwest, I drove over to Parker, AZ for my families annual trip to The River. The River is my favorite place in the whole wide world! This is the only place where I can go and “decompress” - something that needs to do before USA Nationals.
  • Olympic Training Center hammer meet: I finally figured out what is going on with my throw this season. Let me explain... 
Britney Henry Competing at The Olympic Training Center: June 9th, 2011
For the past month or so, practice has been going great. Warm-ups in meets is going great too. But once my name gets called, and I step into the ring, my mind has been going into overdrive. My mind thinks that I need to add something to my throw, that the warm-ups were not good enough.  Now, I know that you have all heard that sports is more mental than physical, and I couldn't agree more! My mind is my biggest competitor. Once my mind gets in the way for my throw, all hell breaks loose.

After a text message conversation with coach and a quick talk today, I learned that I just have to throw as I've practiced. Nothing changes in the meet. I don’t have a “meet throw” or have “meet speed”. What I do in practice, and in warm-ups, is what I plan to keep doing in the meet.

Now, this may sound like all kinds of common sense, but let me tell ya, your mind is very powerful. It takes a ton of confidence and mind control to take your mind out of the game and feel what your body has been doing all year in training.

I have been having an amazing year with practice. My throw has never felt better. Now, I just have to let it happen on the field. Hayward Field to be exact.  :) 

Nationals is right around the corner and I cannot wait. I just started a new cycle of 3 days of training. It is an amazing cycle, the one that I look most forward to during the year. I train for 2 days, have a day of compete rest, train one day and then one more day of compete rest; repeat until the season is over.

I am not sure what my meet schedule will be after Nationals. I think that I am going to take a trip up North to Canada and then maybe a quick trip to Europe.

I hope everyone is having a great summer so far! Congratulations to all the new graduates!


Some Random shots from my trip to Vegas~

View from the Mix Lounge---the Strip
Pool Party with SHOOTmedia at the Moorea beach club~
View from my room at the Luxor~
SHARK!!!! Found this little guy while wandering the casino :)


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