Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Life in overdrive!

Last Saturday was my first official meet of the year! 

I left for Mt. SAC on Wednesday night since my coach, Lance Deal arrived early with the University of Oregon track team. My cousin Heather lives right outside of Walnut, CA and she let me crash at her house :) Thursday I met up with Coach and Brian Richotte (my college teammate) for a little throwing session before the competition on Saturday. It was just like the good ole' times; dirt field filled with weeds of every sort, coach napping next to the ring between throwing and BR on the search of his lost hammer ( I kid, I kid). After the throwing session I tagged along with coach and ended up at an amazing BBQ restaurant for dinner. I had dinner with some of the Oregon track girls, Robert Weir and Coach. The night was filled with stories from my college years, advice for the young guns coming out of college and lots laughter .

The next day I took my cousin Heather up on her offer to come help out in her class room. She has been a kindergarten teacher for the last 11 years and she is one of the best. I had an amazing time with the kids and was very surprised how independent they all are in her classroom. I am pretty sure if I ever wanted to be a teacher, kindergarten would be the only grade I could teach :) After a quick nap, my two cousin and I were off to a local fair. It was a great place to people watch and they had a pretty good pulled pork sandwich. After the a few song from the band, it was off to dreamland for me .

I woke up with a smile on my face and excited to see how far my hammer was going to fly. The BHP crew was back to chronicle the meet too. My warm-up throws felt great just like the practice session on Thursday; nice and easy and I was sitting against the ball. As the meet started, my sit seemed to float away into the thin air. Every other aspect of my throw felt great, just not the sit. I ended up throwing 223 feet and placing 5th . To say the least, I was a little mad at myself but excited for the next meet. My next meet is going to be in Ashland, Ohio and after last week practices, I am pretty excited to see what is going to happen:)


Hope everyone has an amazing Easter and you all find the golden egg!


“ Just let it happen” MB 4 Life!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Life is about to hit overdrive!

Opening Day at Petco~
I am enjoying my last few days of relaxation - life about to hit overdrive.

Not only is hammer season right around the corner, but so is baseball season. After April 4th, I will be splitting my time between the Olympic Training Center and Petco Park. I am excited about getting back to work because it adds some balance and normalization to my life. I can take my mind off the hammer and focus on giving people the best ballpark experience ever!

It is pretty hard to take my mind off the hammer though. Mt. SAC is right around the corner and I can not wait to see how far my hammer flies. After my coaching trip to Oregon, I have a few new tools in the bag and some new ques to work on. I have finally figured out what it feels like to sit against the hammer. It is a great feeling and makes my throw feel even smoother!

Volunteer luncheon with Operation Homefront~
Along with training, competing and work, I will also be more active with Operation Homefront! Over the weekend I attended a volunteer luncheon. I had a great time meeting the wonderful volunteers that makes this organization so great. This coming Sunday I will head up north to our annual event called Spring Fling. It is an event for kids, and I will be showing off the great sport of track and field! The rest the year, I will mostly be working at the resource booth and helping military families with their needs.

Hope everyone is have a great Spring so far! Happy training!


"Never let success get to your head and never let failure get to your heart."


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