Saturday, February 26, 2011

Support the troops Saturday & everyday!

This blog goes out to my cousin who is sitting behind his computer at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan!  I can't wait to be sitting next to the River with you and the family in June! 

Before my cousin left to head overseas I asked him if he had any cool Marines shirts that I could have. He came back with two sweet Marine shirts and a cozy fleece jacket. After wearing them a few times and after countless people asked where I got them from, I decided that I should make my Marine shirt wearing a weekly event.  Every Saturday, I wear one of my Marine shirts to practice and everywhere else I go during the day; in support and in thanks to all the troops that are overseas, away from their loved one, dreaming of the day they get to come home. May sound a tiny bit corny but it is the best way to know how to show my support.

Besides the shirt wearing, I am also volunteering with Operation Homefront!! Operation Homefront is an organization that gives support to military families that are in need. I will mostly be helping out with events that they put on for military families but I will also be helping with a tour/dinner out at the Olympic Training Center. I will keep you all updated on what goes on with Operation Homefront and hopefully post some pictures.

Operation Homefront has also partnered with Outback Steakhouse to raise money for the organization. Just order off the Red, White and Bloomin' menu until April 5th and proceeds from your purchase will go straight to Operation Homefront.

Hope everyone has had an amazing week! My rest week has ended and I'm back to full training on Monday, cant wait:)


" Semper Fidelis"

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