Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter Training at its best!

4 kilo

This past month has been pretty much the same routine:  

eat, train and sleep.

Winter training can get pretty monotonous without any immediate track meets to look forward to. No need to worry, because I always find joy in a new training cycle. A new hammer program, new weight room program and lots of other little changes break up the monotony of my day to day training.

Some of you are wondering if I will be throwing the weight indoors this year and the answer is HELL NO.    :)

The weight and I parted ways after my college years. It is not that we have a bad relationship, it is just that I do not like to compete with it anymore. My back is very happy with that choice.

Besides the new training cycles, I also look forward heading up north to my second home, Eugene OR to see my second family. I have been up here for the last few days and training has been going great. I have picked up a few new cues to take back to the OTC and perfect.  The video above is from yesterday, that's me throwing the 4kilo hammer. Not a bad toss for this time of the year, just a few things to tweak.

Hope everyone is having a great winter. I do have to say that I feel sorry for the people on the east coast or anyone not living in San Diego. While everyone is either dealing with freezing temperatures or snow, we are dealing with sunny and 75.   :)



"Perfection is not just about control. It's also about letting go." 

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