Monday, December 27, 2010

Video of Elite Hammer Throwers at Mt. SAC Relays 2010

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If you just so happened to be around the hammer ring during the 2010 Mt. SAC Relays, you might have seen a bunch of people running around with cameras, well that was my media team, The Britney Henry Project! It was their first time at an actually hammer meet and they were VERRRYYY excited. :) After countless hours behind the computers editing, the masterpiece is ready to view.

Read my account of the day here.

Thanks again to my media team, especially Andrei and Mark!

About the Video >>
The Britney Henry Project photographers and film makers were granted Press Credentials to cover the Mt SAC Relays and to film Elite Athlete Britney Henry in competition. We created this video to promote Britney Henry and her dream of becoming an Olympian in 2012

Film maker Andrei Booriakin filmed and edited "Mt SAC Relays 2010" as his first installment of a high definition video series for The Britney Henry Project. This video was filmed with a Canon 5D MK2, and Canon 7D and edited it on an 8 core Mac Pro with Final Cut Pro, Motion and other software. Andrei currently works as the Senior Manager, Art Development at Sony Computer Entertainment America.

Mark Matcho, illustrator and musician extraordinaire, wrote, performed and produced the original score for this video, entitled Mountain III. His private recording studio is located deep in a cave somewhere in Pasadena, California.

Enjoy and comment at will!


Friday, December 17, 2010

Give Back for the Holidays :)

The view of the beach from our hotel

At the beginning of the month, I flew to Virginia Beach for the USATF Annual Meeting. I wasn't too sure how the meetings were going to go. I held out hope and I was pleasantly surprised. The annual meeting was great! Now, I could probably type up a novel about what happened at the meetings, but I will give you a shortened version to save time. There was lots of talk about funding, lots of talk about the new CEO, and lots of talk about change within USATF. I hope that all their promises materialize and that there will be beneficial change for the athletes within USATF.

Besides lots of meetings, I got to fit in some extra "give back" work. On Thursday, my BFF, Kara Patterson and I, along with Allyson Felix and David Oliver volunteered to speak to a huge group of kids with the "Win with Integrity Program". I loved it as always, and I am always amazed by their questions. The most common is, “Do you ever want to quit?” I am sure you can guess what the answer is. :)

Myself, Kara, David and Allyson

I was very happy the USATF takes into account that the athletes still have to train while at these meeting. There was an awesome boxing gym right across the street from the convention center. After the meetings, we could head right over to the gym for a seriously fun workout.

The last night of the meetings was the Jesse Owens Award Banquet. It was amazing. Congratulation to David Oliver and Allison Felix for being Athletes of the Year. The food was amazing and the company was even better.

The Banquet

I flew home on Sunday and was right back into training and more volunteer work on Monday. I really enjoyed helping out at the Al Joyner Celebrity Golf Tournament. It was great to meet all the people who came out to support Al Joyner and his track club. It was also pretty awesome to drive around the course making sure everything was in place.

The next day, more volunteer work. I was off to Target for the Junior Seau’s Shop with a Jock event. Athletes from all over San Diego came out and shopped with kids from all around the city. I was paired up with a little boy that made sure his brothers and sister would have a gift under the tree. It was great to watch the kids eyes light up as they walked around the store without a worry on their mind.

The kids getting their energy out before we shop!

The rest of the week was filled with training and meeting with Mike and Allen from SHOOTmedia. They are great guys and I look forward to what they have in store for me. I guess you can call them my “media agents”.

With Christmas right around the corner, I have been helping my Grandmother get the house ready, wrap all the gifts up, shop for more gifts, bake some cookies, shop for last minutes gifts and then head to the post office to ship them all off. (Note to all: Use the POST OFFICE if you are shipping to Alaska or Hawaii) - learned that the hard way.

Training has been going great. I am getting stronger in the weight room, my body is getting used to some new cues in the ring and my body is almost keeping up with me. I hurt my wing last week while benching, but it should only take few weeks to heal. In the end, it will be better than ever :)

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year!

~ Britney

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rally for Girls' Sports Day!

I thought long and hard about why I am an athlete. Besides loving to spin in circles and throw my hammer far, sports has made me who I am today. Sports has given me an opportunity to showcase my skills on a grand stage, taught me the value of being a great person, and reminds me that nothing beats hard work.

When I first started throwing the hammer in high school, I never dreamed that I would be traveling all over the world to throw against some of the best. The hammer has allowed me to travel the world, see cities that I only saw in books and to meet life long friends. Throwing my hammer on the grand stage has not only alleviated my stage-fright, but has taught me some strong values that I will never lose.

Dedication, hard-work and integrity are the three values that grow with me as the years go by. I would have left this event years ago if I did not truly believe that I will be standing on the podium one day. I love this sport with all my heart. The dedication that I have to my sport, and my event, will carry me to that stage. To achieve my goals I have to put the time and effort into my training everyday. I know that if I put the work it, with all my strength, I will throw my hammer farther then I could ever imagine.

To train and compete without integrity, is not only a disgrace to yourself and those around you, but to your sport. There are no shortcuts in sports, and if you try to take them, the journey that you had hoped for, will only turn into wasted dreams. Always remember that nothing beats dedication, hard-work and integrity.

Being a women in sports is nothing to be timid about. I throw with the big guys, lift with the big guys and compete with the big guys all the time. The strength of every women athlete that has been part of my sport carries me to my goals and dreams.



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