Monday, November 29, 2010

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Britney Henry - Training Season. 2010
I just finished my first training cycle of the year...phew. Dan Pfaff writes my workout routines and he has a very clever way of making my workouts appear short and easy - my body begs to differ.

By the end of week 3, my body was starting to feel a little over trained. I started my rest week a day early.

There are many ways to tell if your body is over trained, not being able to sleep, no appetite, with little pains starting up. If you feel these symptoms, they point to you being over trained. Not be able to sleep is a big one for me. I NEED my sleep, if not, I am not a very pleasant person to be around. So, if you feel like you are on the verge of being over trained, STOP. It is not going to kill you or your workout, it will only make things worse.

Otherwise, my body is holding up great and I am very happy with my progress so far. I head into my 2nd cycle this Monday. My workout looks simple, but is very technical. I look forwards to the promised gains in strength and size.

The first weekend of this month, I flew up to Vegas for the USATF Throws Summit. I would like to say, thank you USATF for having the summit in Vegas. The summit was well organized and I felt like we got a lot accomplished this year.

The Throws Summit consists of voicing our concerns, bio-mechanics of the throws, talking with the nutritionist, and a little talk with the sports psychologist. Whenever there is a summit, the issues of funding, development within our events, rules, and medical, all come up and we, the athletes, want answers. This summit is where we voice our concerns, and the Annual Meeting in December is where we try to get them answered. Overall the summit was great. I got to catch up with some of the other throwers and take in the sights of Las Vegas.

The second weekend on this month, I headed up to Eugene to see Coach Deal. The weather might not have been San Diego perfect, but the training was awesome. I am starting to figure some positions out. In my mind, I've always had a picture of what I want to look like when I throw. Recently, I figured out, my picture wasn't exactly correct. This was revealed by Coach Deal's cool training tool.. a mirror! Looking into the mirror, with him telling me what position to be in, really helped me out. I am a HUGE visual learner and mirror has been great. I now have a clearer picture of how I want to look in the ring.

This past weekend, the girls from the Olympic Training Center threw a little Bachelorette Party for Becky Briesch. She is getting married in January and we all felt that she need a party. We all had a blast and look forward to the next Bachelorette party... who’s next???

This weekend has been pretty relaxing. I spent the time with my family around the dining room table, with a huge turkey on it, watched some football while enjoying some salmon. I even typed up a new resume and searched for a new job.

Hanging out and relaxing is great, but I always miss my hammer ring. I look forward to the next training cycle and polishing my hammer pictures.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed time with your family and friends.

~ Britney

“Can't never did anything, but crawl under a bridge and die.” Lance Deal

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