Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rest and Relaxation is coming to an end...

Rest and Relaxation~

“Rest and Relaxation” has been my daily motto for the past 7 weeks! I have had no plans, came and went as I pleased and enjoyed spending some quality time with friends and family. Next week, I will be back to the daily grind of making my dreams come true. First stop Korea!

Two weekends ago, I headed home to spend my birthday weekend with my parents, and I was invited by Liz Wardsworth to host a hammer clinic in my hometown of Spokane, Washington.

I met Liz at the Prefontaine Classic a few months ago. She asked me if I would come out and watch a few of her young hammer throwers. Of course, I said yes, and let her know that I would be coming to town for my birthday. As the time grew closer, so did the amount of kids, parents and coaches attending.

I started to feel nervous about talking in front of a crowd and what I was going to say. Luckily, I was prepared. A couple months ago, I was thinking about meeting with a few kids, so I put together a tutorial packet about basic hammer technique, training and diet. This was the lifesaver. When I get nervous, I tend to forget what I am suppose to do. During a meet, I keep a note card to stay focused. For this Hammer clinic, I had my hammer packet.

The weather on day of the clinic was perfect, not a cloud in the sky. The clinic went just as perfect! After introducing myself, drills, more drills and last but not least drills, the kids had a hammer meet. They all did great and I look forward to hearing about all their successful seasons. Overall, there was 16 kids and just as many parents and coaches that showed up. To top off the clinic, they brought me a cake for my birthday and sang me "Happy Birthday".

The next generation~

I had an amazing time and I have to thank the throwers, parents and coaches! The throwers were amazing and listened to everything that I said and tried their hardest. The parents, for giving up their Sunday to bring their kids to a little clinic out at Eastern Washington University and to the coaches that are keeping the hammer flame alive in Spokane.

Thank you for the awesome 'Thank you' card~

After the clinic, my parents and I headed over to Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho for dinner and to watch the rest of the Sunday football games.

Lake Coeur d' Alene~

It is always great to go home and spend time with my parents. I do not get to see them a lot during the year because I am either training or working.

After that quick trip to Spokane, I headed back to San Deattle! The weather has been crazy in San Diego, rainy and cloudy. It is a nice change, but I am starting to miss the sun and wish it would come back.

Training starts back up next week and there are a few changes for next years training. One, I will dressed in awesome Under Armour Swag, and two, I will for the first time since my LSU years be giving an honest effort to add some mass to my body.

Thank you Under Armour~

I look forward to what this year has in store! I never know what quite to think about the year until I step into the hammer ring for the first time. But I have a funny feeling, it is going to be like the rest, pure joy!

Hope everyone has had an amazing summer! Enjoy winter training and I will let you guys know how sore I am after the first week of my training.



“Believe with all your heart”


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