Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Drake Relays!

View of the stadium from the VIP tents!

I was a little worried about what was going to happen at the 2010 Drake Relays. Last years trip was not the best of situations for a track meet, the rain, cold and wind made throwing your best difficult.

This year was a little different. It was still rainy and windy, but not during the meet! The weather was actually great. I wish I could say the same about my hammer throwing.

I went into the meet with a game plan; 80% first throw, 90% second throw and 100% on my third throw. I really never have a plan regarding what distances I want to throw. I mainly just think about my cues during the throw. My warm-ups went great, and my first throw was great, 80%. But I just kind of stayed at that level for the rest of the meet. I threw 65.30 meters, (214.2') which earned me a first place finish. I was a little disappointed that I only threw 214, and that I could not find another gear, but I did place first, and a win is a win!

After the hammer competition, I was off to watch the rest of the meet. Drake puts on a great track meet. I felt like I was back in Eugene, Oregon, where everyone knows about track and field, and the people so hospitable. The 2010 Drake Relays had VIP tent for the elite athletes full of food and beverages! :) After the meet, it was off to the hotel to get ready for dinner and a night out on the town.

Besides throwing, the other great part about track meets is catching up with all your friends afterward. For dinner, a few of us went to Court Avenue Brewing Company, I got a big bowl of pasta that was very delicious! After dinner, we all tried to dodge the rain drops and went next door for some more brews. Lucky for me, my flight didn't leave until the afternoon the following day, so I got to enjoy a morning of laying in bed and watching TV.

Overall, this trip was quick and easy. Nothing too exciting happened, but it was great to go to Drake and get used to throwing in the ring that I will be throwing in for Nationals!

This week will also be pretty easy. I am starting a new training cycle, and my body will be happy with the change. Also, I only work two days this week! Friday is going to be Beerfest at PETCO and I am looking forward to hopefully meeting the people behind Supertroopers and Beerfest!

Hope everyone had a great week!

Happy Training,


Official results posted here.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mt. SAC Relays!

Sign next to the hammer cage~

It took me a bit to gather my thoughts about this weekend. I needed to let my brain cells re-charge from this weekend activities. : )

My weekend started out great. After a short drive up to Ontario, California and a quick warm-up at the Mt. San Antonio College track, I took a few buddies to my favorite restaurant, Pamona Mining Company. As you all know, I love food. Before the meet, I plan out where I am going to go to eat. Every year that I have every gone to Mt. SAC Relays, I have had an amazing dinner at the Pamona Mining Company. I don't know why I like it so much, but it has a great atmosphere and the food is yummy. I usually eat a steak the night before I throw, nothing special, I just want a burst of protein before competing. After my tummy was full with delicious food, I relaxed in my room and stretched a little before falling into dream-land.

The next morning I was full of nervous, excited energy. This was the first meet of the year were I was going to face the top hammer throwers. Plus, my media team and family was going to be there. Usually, my body lets me eat breakfast before it switches into game mode, and wants nothing more to do with food. I woke up without much of an appetite, but I knew I had to eat something. Becky Breisch was pushing me to eat, dispensing her “motherly advice”. : ) After a couple bites of breakfast, I headed back to my room to relax and prepare for the meet.

Going into the meet, I wasn't to focused on my distance. I had been working on some cues in practice, and just wanted to execute them in a meet. My warm-up throws felt good, a little off, but not bad.

Warm-up Throws~

My first throw was my farthest throw of the meet, 69.51. I was pretty surprised that it went 69 meters! It didn't feel anywhere near a 69 meters throw. It wasn't as clean as I wanted, and I kind of forgot where I was on my third turn. But it went 69 meters, and I will take that any day!

After the first throw, I kind of lost my head, and I couldn't focus on my cues. I would get one cue here and another there, but nothing consistent. Overall, I am pretty excited about my performance at the Mt. SAC Relays. I feel like I have so much more in me, and I can't wait until I get my head together to execute my full potential. I placed 3rd, with Amber Campbell earning first place, and Sultana Frizell, from Canada, placing second.

Getting read our rights :)

After the meet, I was off to my cousin's Timʼs 40th B-Day party. It was 70ʼs Vegas style event and everyone played the part. I was hot on the roulette table for a bit, until the music started to play. And, for those that know me well... I love to dance! After a few songs, it was my bed time, so off to dream-land I went again. I had a blast with my family, maybe a little to much. Sunday was recovery day, full of cleaning up, napping and drinking as much fluids as I could.

Ready to party~

Next weekend, I will be heading out to Des Moines, Iowa, for the Drake Relays. Last year this meet was not the best: long, rainy and cold. Looking at the weather, it looks like it might be like that again. So, I am preparing myself to throw in rain. I expect the meet to go a little bit longer than usual too, since they will be combining the collegiate with the elite throwers. I need to stay positive because Des Moines is where Nationals will be held this year. And Nationals is what counts!

This week is a rest week for me. I will be throwing a little and getting some much need TLC on the body. I will also be working at the ballpark with the Padres! It is baseball season, and I usually work the games. The Padres look to be setting themselves up for a great season!

Just a quick side note: I would like to thank my media team. You guys and gals are troopers, and I am glad that you got to see what the hammer looks like in action.

To all the hammer girls that were bugged by the media team, there will be some pictures posted of you all, soon. Thanks for being so kind to them...it was their first hammer meet. ; )

Edit: Here is the link to the Mt SAC Relays 2010 video made by the Britney Henry Project.

Hope you all have a great week....and enjoy Earth Week!

~ Britney

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Influence SD Awards!


First off, I want to thank Influence SD for a great night of entertainment. The venue was amazing, Anthology. The singers were great, Krys Justice and Beyond Category. The drinks tasted delicious, Twitter-tini. And the food was amazing, seared ahi tuna! Overall, it was a great opportunity for the stars of the social media to get a little recognition.

Next, I would also like to thank my media team for introducing me to the blog/media world. If it wasn't for you guys, I would have never even thought about blogging, let alone a creating a press kit! You all are amazing at what you do, and I feel very lucky that you all want to help me achieve my goal!

So, Wednesday, blog awards day, started off like any other, with me waking up to the sunny skies of San Diego and getting on the road to Chula Vista for some training. Wednesday is a pretty light day for me, just some med ball and lifting. After training, I headed home to get ready for the night. I really didn't know what to expect, but I was looking forward to what the night had in store.

I went to my friend, Michelle Laxson, to get my hair done. (I have yet to figure out how to "do" my hair, besides the good oleʼ pony tail! ) She did a great job! With only a short time until the awards, and swearing to one day learn to do a side braid, I headed home to get ready. My best buddy, Kara Patterson joined me for the night, she came over to my house to get ready too! After applying my face..I mean make-up : ) and getting the dress just right, we were off!

Once we arrived at Anthology, the nerves hit me. I kinda felt like I was at a track meet, butterflies and all. I was super excited that after only 4 months of blogging "The Britney Henry Project" was nominated for an award. And I couldn't ask for more... but now I wanted to win! We waited in the VIP/nomimee's line for our photo op on the red carpet, I did a quick interview and then we headed to our seats.

~Waiting to get in...~

Anthology is a great place. I love the layout - clean and open. We sat on the floor level with 2 balcony levels above us. All the levels looked right onto the stage. We sat down and decided to order the drink of the night, Twitter-tinis! I have to say, they were very tasty. Once our drinks arrived, we were up and mingling on the floor.

Since I am a blogger now, I thought it would be cool to meet the other blogger's. The only blogger know is Steve Adler, with The Friarhood, and we were competing in the same category! We met Terry Parish, the co-founder of short film company and Chris Chan, an NBC reporter.

After our drinks ran dry, and our dinner was served, we headed back to the table. Anthology has amazing food! I ordered the pan-seared tuna, and it was the best that I ever had, EVER:) Krys Justice opened the show and Melani Gordon began the ceremony with her opening remarks. My category, Blog of the Year was towards the end of the program, so I had plenty of time to eat and enjoy the show.

Mingling with the other bloggers!

During the show, I couldn't help but think of all the amazing blogs that are out there, my favorite was The Football Girl. I am glad that there is now a place to go to learn all the important stuff about football. Maybe I will join a fantasy football team! I also enjoyed Sam-the-Cooking-Guy, he is hilarious and I love to watch his show. He making cooking look fun and carefree!

As the night went on and it got closer to announcing the winner of Blog of the Year, the more my butterflies started to fly around. Once the presenter started naming the nominees, the butterflies calmed down - just in case I won! When the presenter, Dmitry Shapiro, announced, Diego-on-a-Dime as the Blog of the Year, my butterflies were replaced with a rock. I was pretty bummed that I didn't win, but Diego-on-a-Dime is a great blog and is very helpful for people in San Diego looking for cheap things to do in town. The night was topped off by paper airplanes flying through the air with gift cards inside, and the sweet sounds of Beyond Category.

The night was great, and I was so excited to share it with my grandma, my besty Kara, my cousin Teresa, and of course, Graham and Dawn - the people behind the blog! I headed home feeling a little defeated but knowing that being a finalist was a great accomplishment.

Kara, Dawn, Myself and Grandma Carol :)

Tomorrow, I have a photo shoot in the afternoon, a big day in front of Brent Haywood's cameras, and the Mt. SAC Relays are next weekend, with my cousin Timʼs B-day blast to finish the week off. What else could I ask for? Not much. : )


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Texas Relays!!!

The stadium overlooking downtown Austin.

Austin is by far my favorite city in Texas. I donʼt know exactly what I like about it, but there is something that makes it stand out. It could be the food, the music or that it has one kick-ass track meet!

The Texas Relays are a huge track meet. High school, college and elite athletes all compete for 4 days of amazing track and field events. When you first get to the track, the first thing you notice is the fantastic view of downtown Austin. It is beautiful. Every building looks unique. Plus there is a gianormous football stadium, right across the street! The campus of University of Texas looks amazing, surrounded by shade trees and beautiful buildings, a perfect setting for a track meet.

The football stadium :)

Traveling to Texas, I had a pleasant surprise when I checked in to my flight. I was upgraded to first class for the first leg of my trip. :) This was my first time ever flying in first class, and I was quite excited about it. The main reason I was excited was the seats, they are bigger and recline enough to take a nap. Flying first class was great, until the plane was about to land. Turbulence is not my best friend. I am okay with the bumps, but not dropping. The am pretty sure the plane dropped about 10 times. I tried to tell myself that it was just like riding the bobsled - it kind of feels like the same, but my mind was not going for it. I had a little freak out, but not too bad. The rest of the trip was great. I arrived pretty late into Austin, and after a few detours I made it to my hotel.

WooHoo, First Class!

I competed on Thursday. It was a little windy, and by a little, I mean a lot! The gusts were about 20 mph. The temperature was great, right around 80 degrees.

This meet was a little different for me. My body was not feeling up to par. I was a little sore and tired from my previous workout cycle, and my previous week of throwing was not exactly what I wanted it to be. But, I was not going to let that stop me. I knew in the back of my mind my body would perform. It also helped that my coach, Lance Deal, was there to cheer me on, and to coach me as much as possible.

Lance is the only person that I can hear out of the crowd when I enter the ring. He gives me that last little bit on confidence I need before I step into the ring.

My warm-up throws were not the prettiest. I usually take 2 warm-up throws before the start of the meet. During my second warm up throw, I was off on my turns, so I let it go on my 3rd turn instead of my 4th. I do not like to begin a meet with a bad warm-up throw, but there was no time to throw another. I knew I could pull together a good throw during the competition.

My first throw went over 66 meters, phew. My best throw was my 5th, 67.96 meters. But this was by far one of the ugliest throws I have taken in a long time! I still have no idea how it went that far. But it did, and that is what counts. Overall, I had great energy in my throws, meaning lots of speed going into the hammer, but technique wise, it was not that good. However, I am very happy with how the meet went, and so is my coach.

A must-have when you come to Texas! Yummy!

My next meet will be Mt. SAC Relays. This is another meet that I love. I have gone to Mt. SAC relays since my sophomore year in college. One reason I love Mt. SAC, is that the hammer cage is all by itself, and I donʼt have to worry about the cage doors being to closed too much. We get a pretty good crowd down by the ring, which is encouraging.

Hope everyone had a great week and have a great weekend. My goal this weekend is to do as little as possible, I haven't done nothing in a long time.

Happy Training,


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