Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spinning in circles is not all that I do!

Looking over the trail!

Depending on how my training cycle goes, every now and then I get this

cool thing called “free time”.

Being a full time athlete and working part time with the Padre's, free time is hard to come by. But when I do have it, I like to spend it with my family and friends.

This past weekend I got some of that free time, and since it was also my rest week, I had 2 extra days off…Wednesday and Saturday!

My family loves to hike, as do I, so this past beautiful Sunday morning my family and I took a quick hike out to El Capitan Reservoir. This trail is a family favorite because of it's unparalled beauty, but mostly because it is really close to my uncle's house.

It is a great trail to hike right now. Due to the rain storms that we just had in San Diego the streams are finally flowing!

Next week I'll begin a new training cycle and will be back to spinning in circles. From now until June-ish, I will be on what is called a “2 week cycle”. 2 weeks of training 6 days a week and then a rest week. I only train 4 days during rest weeks, with Wednesdays and Saturdays off.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Years Resolution

My Office!

Some people make a new resolution every year, mine has been the same for the past several years;

making the 2012 Olympic Games

Each day I wake up and go to work. My job is amazing. I don’t put on a suit and tie, I put on spandex like a super women. I jump in my car, with my tea in a Padre's season ticket holder mug, and listen to talk radio as I drive to Chula Vista. My final destination the ARCO Olympic Training Center. Instead of stepping into an office, I step onto the field of dreams, take big breath and begin my day.

Now I'm not pushing any papers, but I am throwing lots of weigh around. I am my own boss and start the day with a meeting with myself, which consists of reviewing in my mind what my training will be for the day.

My resolution for the year is clear, “I want to spin fast and throw far!”

ARCO Olympic Training Center.

Video Teaser


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