Monday, December 27, 2010

Video of Elite Hammer Throwers at Mt. SAC Relays 2010

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If you just so happened to be around the hammer ring during the 2010 Mt. SAC Relays, you might have seen a bunch of people running around with cameras, well that was my media team, The Britney Henry Project! It was their first time at an actually hammer meet and they were VERRRYYY excited. :) After countless hours behind the computers editing, the masterpiece is ready to view.

Read my account of the day here.

Thanks again to my media team, especially Andrei and Mark!

About the Video >>
The Britney Henry Project photographers and film makers were granted Press Credentials to cover the Mt SAC Relays and to film Elite Athlete Britney Henry in competition. We created this video to promote Britney Henry and her dream of becoming an Olympian in 2012

Film maker Andrei Booriakin filmed and edited "Mt SAC Relays 2010" as his first installment of a high definition video series for The Britney Henry Project. This video was filmed with a Canon 5D MK2, and Canon 7D and edited it on an 8 core Mac Pro with Final Cut Pro, Motion and other software. Andrei currently works as the Senior Manager, Art Development at Sony Computer Entertainment America.

Mark Matcho, illustrator and musician extraordinaire, wrote, performed and produced the original score for this video, entitled Mountain III. His private recording studio is located deep in a cave somewhere in Pasadena, California.

Enjoy and comment at will!



  1. Great video presentation, Britney. Your team did a marvelous job of letting us feel how it was to be there.Good luck this season.

  2. Thank you so much! They did an amazing job:)



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