Thursday, August 12, 2010

Quick update on the past two meets!

Welwyn, GB :)

I am crossing my fingers but I think that my body has finally adjusted to the time change!!! YAY!!! 

Like I said in my last blog, jet lag is difficult! You never know how your body is going to react, at least I have yet to figure it out.

McCain Throwsfest~

My first hammer meet was this past Sunday, at the McCain UK Throwsfest. It was a small affair but a great start to my European tour. 

I ended up throwing 65.97m (216.4ft) and was pretty consistent around the 65 meter mark. My body felt pretty good, just a little tight from the plane ride.

Out and about in Gothenburg, Sweden~

The next morning I was off to Sweden for the Gothenburg Grand Prix.

The Gothenburg Grand Prix was a little larger in scale and had a few more hammer throwers in the mix. I arrived to the hotel around midnight and quickly hit the hay. On the way in, I could tell that Sweden was a beautiful country. I could see the outline of trees and the reflection of the lakes. I woke up in the morning to the surprise that I was in the middle of the city, with no trees and no lake in sight, I was surrounded by buildings!

After breakfast and a quick chat with some of my fellow track friends, I was off to explore the city and try to find the beauty I thought I had found on my way in. The city was beautiful in its own right. There were little parks all around, beautiful churches, and the buildings were so unique compared to the buildings in America. During my exploration of the city, I  found a little turf field where I did a quick little warm up to get the blood flowing in the body.

The Church right outside the hotel~

After lunch and a “quick” nap (more like 2 hours), it was time to head to the track.

Sometimes I do not pay full attention to important details, like shuttle times. The shuttles were on a rolling schedule with no set times between 4pm and 6pm. Since the hammer started at 8pm, I figured that I would head over to the track at 6:30pm. I failed to realize that the shuttles stopped at 8pm. I assumed that they were going until at least the middle of the meet since the last race was at 9:30ish. Like I said before, I did not pay attention to the details but lucky enough there was a shuttle driver that had to come back to the hotel to pick something up. He saw me standing outside the hotel looking lost, and let me know that the last shuttle was at 8pm. He ended up giving me a ride to the track. But not after letting me know over and over again that the shuttle stopped at 8pm, and that it said so on the meet info sheet. I tried to explain to him that I mis-understood the details, but he was not having it.

I got to the track I only to remember I left my phone back at the hotel. My phone acts as my watch and now I had no idea what time it was. Luckily there were clocks all around. I watched Becky Breisch throw a few throws in the discus, then it was off to warm-up for the hammer competition.

Going into the meet my body felt pretty good. I figured that I had enough explosiveness to get through the meet, but I was wrong. My warm-up throws felt great. All my throws during the competition felt amazing. But I could not for the life of me put power on the ball.

I ended up throwing 65.77m( 215.7ft) and placing 2nd. 

I was a little pissed after the meet because I could not get the hammer to flying. I then realized that it was my third day in Europe, and my body hit the dreaded “3rd-day-jet-lag-fatigue” - that is what my coach calls it, anyway. I called coach that night and let him know what had happened, he assured me that I will be fine and that the next meet will be great!

Lee Valley Athletics Centre~

So, now I am waiting until Sunday for my next meeting in Bedford, UK.

Today I am going to have a quick little practice out at Lee Valley where my coach, Dan Pfaff, coaches.

Tomorrow I plan on heading into London to do some sightseeing and hopeful meet up with some more track buddies. The London Diamond League Meet is happening this weekend, Friday and Saturday! I hope to get a ticket but my chances are looking a little slim. BBC will be televising the track meet so if all else fails, I can watch it on TV.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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