Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Recap of Nationals!

Photo: Bill Frakes and Laura Heald/SI

Once again, I come to you all from an airport. This time I am delayed in Chicago. Just like San Fran, if you fly into Chicago, expect to be delayed. The delays are almost always weather related and today is no different! I have to admit the Chicago airport is not too bad. There is a huge skeleton of a dinosaur and the food choices are not too bad.

The dinosaur :)

USA Nationals wrapped up today with some great performances. Kara Patterson is a super star, breaking the American Record in the women's javelin is no small feat, but she sure made it look easy.

All the throwers from the training center did a great job! I am so happy to train with you all everyday. Thank you to Becky Breisch (1st in Discus), Jarred Rome (3rd in Discus), Russ Winger (4th in Discus and 6th in shot), Ian Waltz (6th in Discus), Sean Furey (1st in Javelin) and Mike Hazle (2nd in Javelin) for being great training partners, even if it is a quick "hey" on the field or someone to talk to in the weight room!

Des Monies, Iowa did a great job hosting the USA Championships. The weather was a little hot for me and the crowd, though. The crowd for the hammer was not bad, but in the stadium it was dead. My vote is to have Nationals in Eugene, Oregon all the time. I may be a little bit biased because I am alumni, but Eugene has a great track, great throwing fields and fans that are there rain or shine!


I competed in the hammer throw on Saturday. Looking back and being removed a few days from the meet, I am pretty happy with myself.

I placed 3rd with a throw of 69.57m(228.3ft).

I was pretty mad at myself after the meet. As you all know, I go into every meet with cues and I always expect myself to execute them all. Well, I did 2 of the cues pretty well, but I could not get the 3rd cue right. I know in the back of my mind and coach does too, that if I could keep my heel down on my 3rd turn, the hammer is going to fly! With that said, the 2010 USA Championship meet was a little struggle for me. My first 3 throws were not the greatest, my mind was wandering and my speed wasn't there. Going into the finals, coach told me “ It is a whole new meet, now get after it!” and that is what I did.

My 4th throw was my furthest, 69.57 meters. My 5th and 6th throw were really close, but not quite. At the end of the day, the top 3 make the team and that is what I did. There is no Olympic team this year, but one day it will count and I will be wearing the red, white and blue!

After the meet, a bunch for the throwers meet up at Court Avenue Brewery! It is always great to mingle with the throwers after the meet. There were plenty of stories to be told and more laughing than I could take. Afterwards, it was off to bed for the flight home. I was so happy to get out of the hot, humid air and back to the mild and sunny weather in San Diego.

Adriane Blewitt, Amber Campbell, Britney Henry and Kara Patterson :)

My next meet is going to be the Prefontaine Classic in Eugene! Back to my home track and competing against the best hammer throwers in the world. My family will be there and I am so happy that they get to come. The Prefontaine Classic will be televised on NBC from 4:30pm until 6pm this Saturday. I hope they show a few throws of the hammer, but I am guessing they will just show the results. I am also excited for Pre, because now I only have one cue to think about.

: )

I am not sure what my summer plans are yet. I hope to get over to Europe for a few meets, but I am still trying to find some more meets, so if you know of any let me know. :)

Have a great week!


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