Monday, May 10, 2010

Oregon Twilight - Gravity was a little stronger than normal ; )

The legendary Hayward Field

I love going back to Eugene, Oregon! The main reason is I get to see Lance Deal and get some one-on-one coaching before the 2010 Oregon Twilight meet.

But I also get to see all my old friends! It was almost like a mini-reunion. It is great to see them and re-live the past and all the great times that we had together. The best part of the trip was seeing my folks! I have to give it to my parents, the 7 hour drive from Spokane to Eugene has to be one of the worst. There are some pretty parts, but most of the time its farm fields, and that makes for a long drive.

When one of my old co-workers invited me to the Eugene Tattoo convention, I figured I should probably go. The day before the meet I try to find something to distract me from over-thinking my throws. I had nothing else to do, and I wanted to see my old friend, so I went. I dragged my friend, Sarah Malone, along too. I hadn't seen her in a while either, plus I didn't want to go by myself. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. There were lots of great tattoos to look at and it was a great place for people watching.

One day I plan on getting a tattoo, the Olympic Rings, but I sometimes think that I want to get sometime else. There was some great artwork to choose from, but seeing the pain on some of the faces made me re-think my idea.

After the pain convention...I mean the tattoo convention, Sarah and I headed over to the Electric Station for some din-din. I got the usual, steak, potatoes and a delicious beverage.

The Electric Station!

After the meal, we headed to the Highland to meet up with coach and a couple of my old training partners, Brian Richotte and Adam Midles. About 3 hours later, after reminiscing past track trips and athletes, it was time for bed. After a great night of sleep, I figured I better get some good food into the tummy and do a quick little shake out. I threw at 5pm, so I had a while. My parents got into town around noon, so we hung out for a bit, but I had to get back to coaches to get ready for the meet.

Going into the meet, I really didn't know what to expect. I know I said that about the last meet at Drake, but I had the same feeling here. Practice had been going great, and I had been doing what coach wanted me to do. But I just started mastering those techniques. Sometimes it takes a few weeks to get new techniques to translate into a meet.

Warm-ups were great, and my technique was there during the meet. I just couldn't put it together the way I wanted to. I was fouling far throws and being too timid on one that I was saving. I ended up throwing 65.13, 223 feet and placing second to Loree Smith.

Needless to say, I was pissed after the meet. I figured that my technique sucked. After my coaches review, I learn my technique really wasn't that bad. I just had to fix one thing. I don't feel as bad now, and am pretty excited about how close I am to the throw that I want.

Now you may ask, why didn't your coach tell you to change that one little thing before the meet? Coach was down in Berkeley helping the Heps and Decs out. I knew beforehand that he wasn't going to be in Eugene for the Oregon Twilight. If I would have just added ʻsit harderʼ on my note card, then I would be a happy camper right now. But I didn't, so what do you do.

My next meet is going to be in Tucson, Arizona! I really don't know why, but I love this meet. I am pretty sure it is the ring. It is the only fast ring that I like, and the weather should be nice and toasty!

I am going into a rest week, so my body will be able to recover and I can focus on the hammer and getting my body ready to throw far!

Hope everyone had a great Motherʼs Day weekend!


Makes me smile every time! Rennie's landing~

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