Sunday, December 27, 2009

Orlando Throws Summit

Once a year, USA Track and Field invites some of the top throwers in the country to talk about all the aspects of throwing and competing at an elite level. USATF did a great job at bringing in the best and the brightest to guide us into a podium spot. Not only did I enjoy the speakers, I also enjoyed catching up with all the fellow throwers. It is always nice to see how they are doing and what their plans are for the year.

Beyond the speakers, I made sure that there was time to watch some football, do some last minute Christmas shopping and the always favorite trip to Chipotle with my buddy Dana Lyon.

Overall, the Throwers Summit gives me that extra boost throw my hammer and keep me motivated until track season starts. You can read more about the presenters and attendees of the USATF’s Podium Education Project.


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