Sunday, November 22, 2009

2012, the year that my dreams can come true!

Just wanted to give a quick hello to anyone and everyone that is reading my blog.

My name is Britney Henry and I am an Olympic hopeful in the hammer throw.

Since I was a little kid running around bases on the softball field, I wanted to be an Olympian. I never really thought about what sport, until I found the hammer throw. To me, the hammer throw was the hardest event/sport and I have a obsession about conquering difficult tasks. My goal of being an Olympian was only propelled when I started to be coached by Lance Deal, an Olympian is his own right.

The quest to being an Olympian does not just involve me throwing my hammer everyday as far as I can. It takes a whole crew of people, including myself, to guide me in the right direction. Throughout my blogs I will talk about all the different aspects that goes into being an Olympic hammer thrower. Everything from diet, to rehab to this little thing called a “social life”. I cant wait for all of you to read about my journey to the 2012 London Olympic Games. Let the count down begin!

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