Friday, February 28, 2014

I got hammered...almost~

I have always wanted to shoot a shot like this and Geoff Scott made it happen!

Had a blast at this quick and easy shoot :)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Drug free and always will be~

One topic has been stuck in my head for the last few days, and is something that I feel is important to blog about; drugs in my sport of track and field.

I can't imagine the reasoning that goes on in an athletes mind when they justify taking a Performance Enhancing Drug, or PED. But, I can tell you why I never have, and never will: My integrity is worth more to me than an Olympic medal.

It seems to me that integrity gets lost when ones dream becomes an obsession, when an athlete's mind can't see past their immediate goal, when they want their dream to come true, too soon. 

PEDs are short cuts. Short cuts that not only hurt athletes in the long run but hurt the sports that we love. 

Is there a solution to this problem? I hope so. 

This situation that my sport has to deal with is nothing different from any other Olympic sport. Every athlete has an obsession with their sport. If they didn't, they wouldn't be on the Olympic path. Some athletes deal with their obsession is a healthy way, and some do not. Athletes either decide to let their body's develop through intense training, while others become impatient, or greedy, and attempt to speed up the process with illegal performance enhancing drugs. 

So, here is my testament to the world; I have never ingested or exposed my body to any performance enhancing drugs. Period. Never will. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happy Day!

Back up and ready to fill you all in on what has been happening in my world. 

Just have a wait a few days when I am on the airplane heading up to Oregon :).

"When you smile, your heart has no other choice then to"

Thursday, December 12, 2013

165 pounds- Check!

“165 Coach?!?!” 
“Yes...165lb to 168lb”

“Well how am I suppose to do that ?!?!? I have been trying for years to gain weight…”
“Eat!!! Eat In and Out at least 3 times a week and none of that Protein Style bull” Ha :).

After years of “trying” to gain weight, I finally did it! I have gain 12 pounds since I started training this year and I am pretty damn proud of myself.

For years, I “tried” to gain weight. I when I say try, I mean that I would just eat what was on my plate and call it good. Maybe a few protein shakes during heavy lifting. To be honest I did not understand my body . I was scared that I would just gain fat and that it would affect my throw.

My focus for gaining the weight was just to eat more. Eat more of everything, add more fats to my diet and make sure that I had dessert after dinner. These ideas were not my own but my amazing strength coach's, who every step of the way made sure that ate enough for the day.

I know it sounds silly but it sucked the first couple of weeks. I was not used to being that full or eating whatever I wanted. I also started drink 2 to 3 protein shakes a day, which I give a ton of credit to, for the weight gain.

Gaining these pounds has given me a new sense of what my body can do. My preconceived idea of weight gain, has been thrown out the window. I am excited to see how these extra pounds will convert to my throw.

The added bonus with these extra pounds is that I can pick up a few new/ bigger items from Oiselle. The large long sleeves now gotta go up a size. Gotta cover up these "guns" somehow :).

165 was to easy, let's see if I can get to 170 :)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Back to my regularly scheduled program~

I have a confession to make; I have had my training bag packed for the last week and I still have one week to go until fall training. It may be that I have some new clothes to wear, new shoes to break in or just that I miss spinning in circles terribly bad.

Every time I think about getting back into to training, I have the butterflies of a first date. Three months seems like a long time resting but it flew by. Work tends to make that happen but I do love the jingle in my pocket. I only went on a few hikes and only got to feel the cool Pacific a couple of times but i'm ready to get back at it.

September 30th is when I step back into ring and back into the weight room. I will have a month of conditioning to get my body ready to lift my butt “on”. Ha! Of all the years that I have “tried” to gain weight, I am serious this year. I will gain weight!!! It may take me some time to get used to eat a ton and being in the weight room a little longer but I got look on the bright side; I get to eat whatever I want.

Over the summer I have had some time to think, think about why I keep my dream alive. I could say the old clique response “Because you never stop chasing your dream” but for me the chasing is not the whole answer. Im stubborn, hard-headed and loyal to this damn ball and wire. I will not let my dream pass me by; I will sacrifice to get my dream and when I am training, their is no other place I will rather be than in the ring. Dont get me wrong, their are a few aspects of my life that I wish were “enhanced” but that will come with time and I will follow the clique quote “good things come to those who wait”. Now that I think about it, that is a pretty damn good quote and I should live/train by it more:).

Being part of Oiselle and having some of the best runners as my teammates, I got some questions for you guys;

1. Why the compression socks?
2. What do you think about when you are running mile after mile? Does it change on meet day?
3. Why does your cool down look like my sprint workout?
4. Side cramps, why and how do I get them to go away?
5. Do you ever take time off from training?

I am sure more will come to mind the further I get into training and competition season. Feel free to comment on my other pages (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) and ask me some questions. I am sure you guys have something to ask a thrower :).

Au Revoir Summer, Bonjour Fall!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I'm not good with 'Goodbyes' so I will just say ‘See ya later’

Over the past 2 years, I have had the great pleasure of working with one of the best hotel chains in the world; Hilton Worldwide. This opportunity was due to the Team USA Career Program, a great program that is offered to Olympians and Olympic Hopefuls. The programs allows athletes to work, with hours that accommodate their training, great pay and medical benefits.

I am amazed at all the support that both Hilton and Adecco (middle man between Hilton and the USOC) has provided me the past two years. No matter how good or bad of a day I had in the ring, I could always count on the fellow cohorts to put a smile on my face. They have taught me the art of being productive off the field and I have taught them how not to get dizzy:).

Thanks to all for your words of encouragement. I will keep them in my heart as I march on to Rio.

Big thanks goes to Kristen, Angel, USATF HP Staff, ES La Jolla Staff, ES Downtown Staff and my Bayfront peeps. I had a great two years and look forward to what is ahead.

Now, back to enjoying the summer and finishing my bucket list for the summer.

Bottoms Up!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Rest my wings~

My mind and body has finally come to rest after a whirlwind tour of the west coast.

One week in Canada for the NTL Series and a week home for the Ironwood camp can sure make you appericate down time.

Canada was amazing as always. Stepping off the plane and into the familiar smell of fresh air and pine trees is always a sign of good times. I competed at the Harry Jermone Classic  on the 1st and the Victoria Classic on the 5th. Both were second places finishes in my new Oiselle gear; was looking to throw further but that is another story. Overall I am happy to end to season healthy and with a new sponsor.

As much as I want to be pissed that I didn’t PR and missed making the World Team, I have to step back and see where I was this time last year and where I am at now. The biggest difference is I am smiling and not crying. I am encouged for this next year, not hanging my head asking “WTF happened”. I have my health and a new TEAM to cheer me on through the next year and years to come. I feel like whatever happens from here on out, whatever it may be, I can take it with a smile.

After my trip to Canada I headed to Cheney, Washington of the Ironwood Throws Camp. This was my first time ever coaching at a week long camp. I was a little nervious with how I was going to do with breaking down the hammer into 5 days, making sure I covered all the points but with a great group of coaches and a positive mind set it worked out great. As much as the campers got out of the camp, I pick up a ton as well. The basics! Its all about the basics and you can never get to far away from the basics cues.

Now I am home in San Diego, catching up on laundry and bills looking forward to my trip to Seattle! I will then offical become part of the Oiselle team. The smile is only going to get bigger from here on out!

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer! 

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