Sunday, December 27, 2015

'Great balls of fire'

As promised I am posting the full video from the night that my teammates and I threw flaming hammers on the infield at Hayward.

I figure I should give a little bit of a back story because as you all know Hayward Field is usually on lockdown.

After the last home meet in 2007, Hayward was soon to get a makeover for the Olympic Trials. My coach, Lance Deal, figured that old Hayward should go out with a bang. As the last event was ran, Lance and a backhoe moved onto the infield and parked in the middle of the javelin sector. The fans knew something was up and on Lance's command started a rhythmic clap. The backhoe dug the first hole into what would be the new and improved Hayward Field, with the crowds cheers of excitement. As all of this was going on Im pretty sure I looked over to my roommate Sarah and said "Tonight is the night".

We had talked about throwing flaming hammers on and off but never really had a place to do it without getting in trouble. Coach was all for the idea but we could never really tell him because he was coach. So you all can understand our excitement when we saw the field being torn up knowing that we had found our perfect place to throw.

After the meet, we sent the word out to a few teammates and waited until dark. We walked over to Hayward with the supplies and my parents in tow just in case we were arrested, seriously. Waiting under the scoreboard for everyone to arrive, the grounds crew saw us. Thinking we were busted they shouted out "Go ahead and do whatever you are going to do"and the rest is history:).

To my knowledge this was the last time that hammers were thrown on the infield. I would have to believe it because after Hayward was made over, the head coach made sure that we knew the consequences if we ever did that again.

Please excuse the language in the video but we were pretty dang excited.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Summer Adventures Continue- Bird Camp 2015

What can I say, I had the wrong impression of what a Running Camp consisted of.  

When I arrived at Sleepy Beauty Resort in Leavenworth, Washington with the rest of the “campers”, I felt a sense of relief. Walking through the woods, lounging in the cabins and spotty cell phone service put a smile on my face that made my cheeks burn. 

The next few days was filled with amazing food (thrower approved), inspiring talks with fellow teammates and a few non-thrower approved activities;). So many memories were made that I will be replaying over and over with the same smile that was plastered on my face from the start. 

The highlight for me during the retreat was putting faces and personalities to all the teammates that I chat with via Twitter and Instagram. It was not only amazing to meet you all and talking with you but hearing your stories of why you do what you do put a new light on what I do. Like many athletes we can get caught up in pursuing our goals, thriving off those around us but never really stopping to “smelling the roses”. Being able to stop and get to know so many amazing ladies filled my heart with the comfort of pursuit. My heart is ready to pursue and pounce on this coming year. 

I can go on and on about what took place at the camp but I don't want to bore you with words, Ill just let the pictures do the talking:).

~Sleeping Beauty Resort~
~Check-in with lots of goodies~

~Breakfast with a gorgeous view~
~Meet Haute Volee~

~Some call it yoga, I call it fancy stretching~
~Throwing some "shoes"~
~Couldn't get enough of this view~

~Tubing with the Flock~

~Took all I had but made it to this lovely lake, Colchuck Lake~

Monday, August 10, 2015

Summer Adventures: Parker, AZ

The Parker Strip looking at Fox's Pier Point Landing Floating Dock Bar
As promised, my summer activity blogs have commenced. Like I said before I think that I live a pretty boring life but to keep Fleshman amused and others, I'll share my happenings. ;)

I camp a little north of the red dot
This past weekend I drove out to Parker, Arizona. It is about a 5 hour drive east of San Diego. It sits right below Lake Havasu along the Colorado River.

Long ago my grandma and grandpa started a tradition of vacationing with the family at the River. It stemmed from our love of waterskiing, driving/watching fast boats and of course getting away from the grind that life can be. Taking off a week right as school started, writing papers on the Parker dam/river, waterskiing in the early hours of the morning, waking out to John Phillips Susan blaring and pancake Sundays are memories that I will never forget and will look back with a smile each time I think about them. 

About 10 years ago, my grandfather passed away and per his wishes we spread his ashes down the Parker Strip. No other place was a fitting as the River, to lay him to rest. Here is where he build a tradition that we as the family will carry on to the future generations. 

Grandma and Grandpa Earle
The River is where I go when I want to get away. Away from my cell phone, TV and any other communication to the outside world, due to the lack of service. Reading along side the river, laying out in the sun, sitting on my favorite floating dock are just a few of activity that I partake in now. With my trips being few and far between, I soak up as much River time as I can when I go because I know that when I get home, its back to the daily grind. A grind that I love in the hammer ring but side-eye at when its behind a computer. 

Friday, July 31, 2015

What can I say that many already see~

This past year has been about learning and trusting. With a couple over 70, many in the 69’s and a few below that, I can look back on my most consistent season with a smile. With my many ups and few downs, I have a clear idea of what I need to work on next year to make it the best season of my career. Can anyone guess what that would be? l’ll give you a hint; it’s the thing that likes to allude me when I least expect it. :)

Confidence is my indestructible happiness. But when doubt falls off the shelf and I forget where it goes, it come back to haunt me. I know what I need to do to keep it from rolling off but just like throwing the hammer, it takes practice and consistency. (If none of that made sense, just know that majority of athletes are crazy and we have crazy ways of DEALing with emotions; mine—I put them on a shelf so I see them at all times).

Overall this season wouldn't have happened without some great people on my side. Thank you to all my family and friends, Oiselle, Adidas, USATF Foundation and of course the great staff and Venegas Crew at the Olympic Training Center.

To the likes of one of my beloved Oiselle teammates, I am going to start blogging about my adventures in San Diego and travels this summer. I think I live a pretty boring life but anytime I bring it up to Fleshman, she is amused and wants more. They will be short and sweet with pictures of mountains and water, but I promise they will all have a good story behind them. 

Cheers to the off-season! 

XO, Brit

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

USATF Foundation is at it again!

Many hugs and thanks to all at the USATF Foundation. You all are amazing and truly keep my goals and dreams alive. 

Learn more about this awesome grant and the foundation by visiting this link

Friday, January 23, 2015

Lovin' the hometown support!

Big thanks to KUSI from coming out the the Olympic Training Center to do a segment on myself and the hammer! Had a great time and they caught a few of my throws. Enjoy:)


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